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So What's Up With B'More Creatives?

B’More Creatives connects women in the creative professionals in a cohesive way that fosters growth, collaboration, and a productive learning environment. Our group has several different components to it.

Membership Site & Newsletter

By signing up for our group you instantly connect with 1000+ creative professionals, ranging in skills, profession and interests. Our monthly newsletter allows you to stay on top of trends and the popular activities that are occurring on the website. The newsletter also alerts you to upcoming events, as well as gives you the pulse on whats happening in the creative profession.

We Have A Mentor Program

In 2012 we piloted a mentor program that was successful we decided to make it a permanent part of B’More Creatives. Through our mentor program, we pair seasoned creative professionals with those who are just entering the industry or changing career paths. Mentors and mentees set their own schedule for getting together, and as a team they set goals and milestones for what the mentee wants to accomplish throughout the year.


Our Events Are Extraordinary

B’More Creative sponsored events include (for example)

WINE & PAINT NIGHT: A fun networking event that brings together members (and friends of members) to enjoy wine, food, and an opportunity to have at it with a blank canvas. A local artist instructs the class on how to paint a unique painting. All the while there is light conversation and glasses of wine. At the end of the event you take your painting home with you.

DESIGNER | DEVELOPER BOWLING SHOWDOWN: Designers and Developers show down at Mustang Alleys for the ultimate game of bowling. We reserve multiple lanes and pair off designers verses developers. Food and drink are also ordered. Great conversation, the occasional victory dance, and strong connections ensue.

THE UNCOMPANY PICNIC: This event is for everyone who either works for themselves or works for a company that doesn’t have an annual company picnic. Feel left out no more! The Uncompany Picnic is a family friendly event that takes place on the weekend at a local park under a pavilion. There is food, drink, games, and good times to be had by all.

WINTER FUN HOUSE HOLIDAY MIXER: This seasonal event takes place at Mr Rain’s Fun House. We rent out the bar/lounge area and have the event catered. Food and drink are included. We also do a raffle with amazing prices from local businesses. And we celebrate the end of another successful year.

We want to be the premier resource for women who are seeking to pave their way through design.”